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Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Barnes, Mary Jane  1925Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6088
2 Bell, Caroline Elizabeth  13 Jun 1921Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6171
3 Brothers, James Edward  1899Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6153
4 Brown, Dorothy Alice  28 Oct 1920Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9592
5 Brown, Mildred Marie  31 Mar 1915Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD  I12419
6 Byers, Annie M.  Jul 1863Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6036
7 Byers, Carroll Ezra  31 Jul 1910Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6078
8 Byers, Charles Dennis  Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6091
9 Byers, Elizabeth B.  27 Jun 1914Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6138
10 Byers, Hylda Catherine  30 Jan 1907Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6123
11 Byers, John Gabriel  26 Oct 1827Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I3562
12 Byers, John Russell  14 Jul 1911Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6136
13 Byers, Nancy Lovenia  5 Aug 1876Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6072
14 Byers, Nettie Mae  25 Dec 1895Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6152
15 Byers, Paul Young  10 Dec 1889Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6122
16 Byers, Sterling Jesse  24 Dec 1918Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6118
17 Byers, Walter Raymond  1 Feb 1894Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6149
18 Byers, William Earl  3 Apr 1910Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6101
19 Cole, Charles Denton  28 Dec 1898Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9028
20 Cole, Howard Jesse  7 Jul 1896Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9029
21 Dutterer, Matilda Rebecca Pauline  22 Mar 1891Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6134
22 Eckenrode, Charles E.  Abt 1872Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6745
23 Eckenrode, Clara R.  Abt 1876Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6751
24 Eckenrode, George F.  Abt 1874Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6746
25 Eckenrode, Joseph G.  Abt 1880Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6747
26 Eckenrode, Margaret G.  18 Oct 1882Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6749
27 Eckenrode, Vernon  Abt 1878Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6748
28 Hofferberth, Sherry Lynn  Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6092
29 Hoppe, Elmer Howell  10 Sep 1874Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD  I14401
30 Leister, Carroll Elmer  21 May 1893Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9484
31 Leister, George R.  18 Jul 1901Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9489
32 Leister, Henry Hamilton  Mar 1858Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I8076
33 Leister, Wilbur Sherman  5 Feb 1898Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9488
34 Matthias, Laura Ellen  2 Feb 1911Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD  I12150
35 Myers, Charles N.  30 Apr 1881Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I5748

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Angel, Eliza Ann  3 Jul 1843Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I5696
2 Bankard, George E.  19 Aug 1999Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I5645
3 Barnes, Elva M.  Jun 1983Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD  I12015
4 Barnes, Mary Jane  19 Nov 1991Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6088
5 Beier / Byers, Elisabeth  6 Aug 1873Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I3530
6 Beier / Byers, Gabriel  29 Jul 1835Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6020
7 Beier / Byers, Johannes (John) A.  18 Jun 1842Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I3230
8 Bell, Ada Rose  28 Aug 1961Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6150
9 Brown, Amelia Elizabeth  5 Sep 1901Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I2958
10 Brown, Dorothy Alice  24 Aug 2005Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9592
11 Brown, Keith Myers  30 Apr 2011Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I12195
12 Byers, Bernard Wilson  11 Mar 1967Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6147
13 Byers, Caroline  20 Jul 1906Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I3567
14 Byers, Carroll Richard  Oct 1986Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6135
15 Byers, Charles Robert  30 Mar 1906Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I3591
16 Byers, Charles W.  22 Aug 1997Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6087
17 Byers, Heidi L.  29 Mar 1993Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9901
18 Byers, Hylda Catherine  27 Jul 1994Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6123
19 Byers, Jesse W.  2 Jul 1955Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6116
20 Byers, John Henry  14 Jun 1933Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6034
21 Byers, John Russell  27 Sep 1973Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6136
22 Byers, Karl Ray  23 Dec 2008Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6151
23 Byers, Nettie Mae  22 Dec 1954Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6152
24 Byers, Paul Young  23 Sep 1950Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6122
25 Byers, Walter Raymond  17 Jan 1968Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6149
26 Byers, William Ezra Smithson  14 Jul 1960Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6073
27 Cole, Charles Denton  23 Mar 1988Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9028
28 Cole, Clarence H.  1940Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I2986
29 Cole, Howard Jesse  19 Oct 1926Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9029
30 Dean, Phyllis M.  26 Feb 2006Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I9897
31 Dinst, Melvin C. ("Polly")  1 Apr 1983Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6139
32 Dutrow, Margaretha Elizabeth  19 Nov 1838Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I3532
33 Dutterer, Matilda Rebecca Pauline  2 Dec 1973Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I6134
34 Fleagle, Charles Stoner  1 Mar 2012Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD I11964
35 Fox, Dorothy A.  2 Apr 1998Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD  I12206

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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Byers / Beard  12 Jun 1915Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD F2135
2 Byers / Bell  Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD F2143
3 Byers / Smeak  7 Mar 1909Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD F2110
4 Byers / Yohn  21 May 1949Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD  F3384
5 Hoppe / Bankard  17 Apr 1895Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD F5342
6 Hoppe / Miller  31 Jan 1894Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD  F5362
7 Wagoner / Werbel  21 Sep 1846Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD F1069