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Seattle, King Cnty, WA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Dick, Barbara Sue  6 Aug 1956Seattle, King Cnty, WA I3282
2 Dick, Patricia Lou  8 Jul 1959Seattle, King Cnty, WA I3284
3 Dick, Theresa Ann  24 Nov 1957Seattle, King Cnty, WA I3283
4 Keyes, Devin Andrew  28 Nov 1988Seattle, King Cnty, WA I8010
5 McKay, John Larkin  3 Feb 1921Seattle, King Cnty, WA I9070
6 McKay, Mary Elizabeth  3 Aug 1952Seattle, King Cnty, WA I9066
7 Thomas, Evajane ("Jane")  30 May 1925Seattle, King Cnty, WA I3452
8 Vial, Samuel McKay  16 Apr 1989Seattle, King Cnty, WA I9068
9 Vial, Tierney Elizabeth  4 Aug 1992Seattle, King Cnty, WA I9069
10 Vial, William McNaughton  20 Dec 1986Seattle, King Cnty, WA I9067


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Aussieker (Armstrong), Richard Carl  5 Jul 1988Seattle, King Cnty, WA I489
2 Balmer, John D.  24 Feb 1982Seattle, King Cnty, WA  I13111
3 Balmer, John Franklin  Jun 1984Seattle, King Cnty, WA I13113
4 Berry, Chester Clifford  28 Feb 1983Seattle, King Cnty, WA  I14245
5 Dick, Alice May  13 Mar 1920Seattle, King Cnty, WA I581
6 Dick, Arlie D.  30 Sep 1968Seattle, King Cnty, WA I401
7 Dick, Clayton Potter  26 Oct 1996Seattle, King Cnty, WA I8257
8 Dick, Douglas Valentine  14 Jun 1922Seattle, King Cnty, WA I3247
9 Dick, Edith  12 Sep 1967Seattle, King Cnty, WA I575
10 Dick, George Robert  22 Mar 1936Seattle, King Cnty, WA I3246
11 Dick, Myrtle  Abt 1970Seattle, King Cnty, WA I394
12 Dick, Myrtle Belle  6 Mar 1995Seattle, King Cnty, WA I8259
13 Laub, Julia Katherine  19 Mar 1950Seattle, King Cnty, WA I3467
14 McKay, John Larkin  15 Jan 1989Seattle, King Cnty, WA I9070
15 Perkins, William Thomas  23 Dec 1947Seattle, King Cnty, WA I3669
16 Schnaufer, John Fredrick  24 May 1959Seattle, King Cnty, WA I11540


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Dick, Myrtle  Seattle, King Cnty, WA I394
2 Laub, Julia Katherine  Seattle, King Cnty, WA I3467


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Iliinsky / Klein  23 May 2014Seattle, King Cnty, WA  F4573
2 Thomas / Dick  22 Sep 1923Seattle, King Cnty, WA F196
3 Vial / McKay  2 Sep 1984Seattle, King Cnty, WA F3249