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Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Basehoar, Ena  1890Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I10400
2 Byers, Ethelia H.  22 Jan 1863Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9656
3 Byers, Harry L.  1865Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9657
4 Byers, Jacob William  27 Mar 1855Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9654
5 Byers, Minnie Ann  4 Feb 1871Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9658
6 Harnish, Ruth Evelyn  1917Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I5613
7 Harnish, Samuel Alonza  26 Dec 1912Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I5612
8 Miller, Alton Theodore  9 Oct 1904Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I14080
9 Myers, Robert W.  24 Aug 1917Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I9121
10 Reaver, Charollet Mary  14 Oct 1916Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I5658
11 Rebert, John A.  Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9662
12 Strevig, Lester R. ('Dutch")  8 Aug 1920Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I6058
13 Stricklin, Robert Albertus  5 Sep 1883Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I6947
14 Unger, Ralph Charles  3 May 1930Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9130
15 Wildasin, Emma P.  31 Aug 1913Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I12342


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bankert, Cora Catherine  3 May 1982Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9116
2 Becker, Jean Louise  12 Jul 2003Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9238
3 Beier / Byers, Caspar  23 Dec 1793Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I5729
4 Beier / Byers, Michael  17 Nov 1876Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I3527
5 Bollinger, Bessie Anna  20 Oct 1974Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I5950
6 Byers, Ethelia H.  8 Sep 1925Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9656
7 Byers, Henry  22 Dec 1897Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9672
8 Byers, John Gabriel  19 Aug 1891Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I3562
9 Flickinger, Rhoda Margaret  25 Nov 1978Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I12458
10 Harnish, Samuel Alonza  2 Feb 1977Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I5612
11 Lemmon, Luther Norman  6 Oct 1977Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I12133
12 Matthias, Charles O.  19 Jul 1987Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I5949
13 Matthias, Edward Charles G.  24 Jun 1947Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I5936
14 Myers, Lester Henry  25 Jun 1984Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I11943
15 Myers, Preston Lee  14 Nov 1987Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I12391
16 Myers, Thomas Edwin  22 Jan 1942Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I9085
17 Myers, Vernon Elder  2 May 1965Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I5501
18 Robinson, William C.  Aft 1946Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I6757
19 Salter, Eleanor G.  28 Jul 2007Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9181
20 Sell, John Noah  22 Dec 1966Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9127
21 Stauffer, Mildred  1 Nov 2010Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I12158
22 Strevig, James R.  Jul 1974Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I6057
23 Study, Maud Ruth  7 Aug 1980Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I5948
24 Unger, Ralph Charles  8 Feb 1997Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA I9130
25 Wentz, Mattie Naomi  16 Apr 1986Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  I12457


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Geiselman / Matthias  14 Oct 1923Littlestown, Adams Cnty, PA  F4422