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Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Kauffmann, Catharina  30 Sep 1616Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I254
2 Schneider, Anna  1639Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1396
3 Schneider, Anna Maria  1649Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1401
4 Schneider, Balthas  1652Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1403
5 Schneider, Caspar  1616Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I251
6 Schneider, Caspar  1642Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1398
7 Schneider, Catharina  1636Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1394
8 Schneider, Catharina  1644Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I250
9 Schneider, Dietrich  1646Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1399
10 Schneider, Hans Balthas  1647Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1400
11 Schneider, Hans Friderich  1641Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1397
12 Schneider, Magdalena  1655Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1404
13 Schneider, Margaretha  1651Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1402
14 Schneider, Martin  Abt 1593Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1392
15 Schneider, Martin  1637Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1395
16 Unknown, Catharina  1610Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I252
17 Wendel, Claus "Alt"  1583Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I255
18 Wendel, Georg  4 Aug 1670Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I246
19 Wendel, Georg "Jerg"  12 Nov 1620Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I253
20 Wendel, Magdalena  29 Apr 1716Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I47
21 Wendel, Michael  4 Oct 1644Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I249


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Christened    Person ID 
1 Schneider, Anna  16 Aug 1639Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1396
2 Schneider, Anna Maria  1 Jan 1650Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1401
3 Schneider, Balthas  23 Sep 1652Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1403
4 Schneider, Caspar  28 Aug 1616Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I251
5 Schneider, Caspar  6 Jan 1643Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1398
6 Schneider, Catharina  5 Oct 1636Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1394
7 Schneider, Catharina  19 Jun 1644Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I250
8 Schneider, Dietrich  8 Feb 1646Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1399
9 Schneider, Hans Balthas  7 Jan 1648Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1400
10 Schneider, Hans Friderich  14 Mar 1641Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1397
11 Schneider, Magdalena  30 Jan 1655Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1404
12 Schneider, Margaretha  9 Jun 1651Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1402
13 Schneider, Martin  14 Nov 1637Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1395


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bailer, Ursula  25 Dec 1680Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I399
2 Buder, Margaretha  29 Jan 1636Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1235
3 Kauffmann, Catharina  13 Dec 1648Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I254
4 Kauffmann, Michael  18 Sep 1656Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I396
5 Schneider, Anna Maria  29 Dec 1654Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1401
6 Schneider, Caspar  17 Mar 1643Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1398
7 Schneider, Caspar  Jun 1662Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I251
8 Schneider, Catharina  Bef Jun 1644Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1394
9 Schneider, Catharina  22 Feb 1705Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I250
10 Schneider, Dietrich  14 Mar 1647Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1399
11 Schneider, Hans Balthas  26 Apr 1649Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1400
12 Schneider, Hans Friderich  26 Apr 1660Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1397
13 Sigwardt, Barbara  23 Nov 1649Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I256
14 Stadelmaier, Anna Maria  27 Mar 1719Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I247
15 Unknown, Catharina  9 Aug 1687Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I252
16 Waltz, Anna  29 Dec 1620Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I397
17 Waltz, Elisabeth  14 Feb 1652Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1237
18 Waltz, Hans (The Old Baker)  16 Jul 1632Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I398
19 Wendel, Caspar  26 Apr 1613Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I257
20 Wendel, Claus "Alt"  Abt 19 Jan 1660Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I255
21 Wendel, Georg  11 Mar 1747Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I246
22 Wendel, Georg "Jerg"  14 Mar 1687Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I253
23 Wendel, Michael  31 Mar 1690Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I249
24 Widmayer, Margaretha  1 Jul 1637Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I1236


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 Bailer, Ursula  27 Dec 1680Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I399
2 Kauffmann, Catharina  15 Dec 1648Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I254
3 Unknown, Catharina  11 Aug 1687Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I252
4 Wendel, Claus "Alt"  19 Jan 1660Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I255
5 Wendel, Michael  2 Apr 1690Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany I249


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Kauffmann / Buder  3 Jun 1621Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F416
2 Kauffmann / Waltz  19 May 1612Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F120
3 Kauffmann / Waltz  30 Jun 1644Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F418
4 Kauffmann / Widmayer  28 Aug 1636Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F417
5 Schnauffer /   6 Aug 1615Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F420
6 Schnauffer / Wendel  10 Apr 1741Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F5
7 Schneider / Herxenstein  Abt 1615Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F472
8 Wendel / Bailer  15 Jul 1649Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F122
9 Wendel / Kauffmann  14 Jul 1640Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F69
10 Wendel / Schneider  16 Nov 1669Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F67
11 Wendel / Sigwardt  22 Feb 1603Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F70
12 Wendel / Stadelmaier  25 Feb 1696Eltingen (Now Leonberg) Germany F20