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Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Bair, Matilda  10 Feb 1850Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11602
2 Bauer / Bower, David  22 Dec 1850Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO  I11594
3 Bauer / Bower, George  20 Sep 1852Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11595
4 Bauer / Bower, Miranda  Abt 1854Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11596
5 Culler, John Virgil  1 Apr 1914Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO  I11725
6 Schnaufer, Frank Jacob  25 Mar 1882Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO  I13576
7 Schnaufer, Frederick George  20 Nov 1854Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11518
8 Schnaufer, Henry  Jun 1850Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11585
9 Schnaufer, John Christian  15 Mar 1857Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11514
10 Schnaufer, Matilda  6 Nov 1852Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11586
11 Schnaufer, William Franklin  14 Jan 1882Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11719
12 Stauffer, Lydia Helena  11 Oct 1869Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11519


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Bair, Matilda  12 Feb 1944Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11602
2 Bauer / Bower, August  7 Jun 1935Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11593
3 Bauer / Bower, Christina  18 Nov 1919Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11592
4 Bauer / Bower, David  29 Jan 1935Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11594
5 Bauer / Bower, John C.  11 May 1923Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11588
6 Bauer / Bower, John Ludwig  20 Jan 1872Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11511
7 Bauer / Bower, Samuel F.  26 Jun 1922Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11590
8 Bauer / Bower, Theodore L.  11 Jun 1927Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11589
9 Bauer / Bower, Walter C.  13 Jun 1924Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11591
10 Blair, Priscilla  1922Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11599
11 Culler, John Virgil  16 Apr 2005Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11725
12 Genheimer, Anna M. L.  5 Mar 1935Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11604
13 Kraft, William  1 May 1955Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I13477
14 Schnaufer, Cora Alice  Jun 1977Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11720
15 Schnaufer, Frederick George  22 Aug 1925Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11518
16 Schnaufer, George  26 Feb 1914Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11584
17 Schnaufer, Jacob  15 Oct 1897Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11581
18 Schnaufer, Jacob E.  31 Oct 1966Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11713
19 Schnaufer, Johann Georg Friedrich  20 Apr 1861Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11508
20 Schnaufer, Mary A.  18 Oct 1886Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I13573
21 Schnaufer, Matilda  19 Oct 1946Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11586
22 Schnauffer, Christiana Johanna  19 Dec 1863Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I11509
23 Stauffer, Rev. Christian  19 Dec 1896Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I13499
24 Wise, Susannah  15 Jan 1908Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO I13500


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Schnaufer / Stauffer  17 Feb 1881Bethel, Shelby Cnty, MO F4173