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Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Behe, Jesse E.  6 Sep 1927Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA I11290
2 Beward, Gladys Rebecca  13 Jan 1900Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I13437
3 Hirschbiel, Alice Mae  5 Nov 1926Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11190
4 Hoffner, Mildred Louise  1 Feb 1916Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I13807
5 Horning, Mary Elizabeth  19 Jun 1873Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA I13476
6 Reigh, JoAnn  9 Jun 1941Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I13816
7 Snouffer, Andrew Grifton  28 Jul 1880Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11099
8 Snouffer, Bertha Mabel  2 Jun 1887Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11111
9 Snouffer, Ella Gertrude  2 Jul 1889Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11112
10 Snouffer, Eugene Harold  14 Jan 1906Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA I11160
11 Snouffer, Helen Elizabeth  3 Dec 1893Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11114
12 Snouffer, Ira Durbin  7 Aug 1904Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA I11159
13 Snouffer, Ira Milton  3 Feb 1884Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11109
14 Snouffer, Mary Virginia  4 Nov 1907Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA I11161
15 Snouffer, Myrtle Alice  5 Mar 1885Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA I11110
16 Snouffer, Ruth Hazel  13 Feb 1895Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA I11115


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Hoffner, Mildred Louise  8 Jun 2001Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I13807
2 Horning, Daniel M.  24 Feb 1904Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11089
3 Horning, Mary Elizabeth  7 Dec 1940Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA I13476
4 Reigh, Clement Hugh  29 Apr 1985Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11162
5 Reigh, Harold D.  8 Apr 2010Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I13818
6 Reigh, JoAnn  21 Mar 2015Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I13816
7 Rhine, Marian C.  27 Apr 2016Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA I13522
8 Scott, Marjorie  Oct 1984Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11154
9 Scott, William H.  10 Oct 1928Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11151
10 Snouffer, Ella Gertrude  21 May 1972Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11112
11 Snouffer, Minnie  22 Apr 1977Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I11100
12 Thomas, Ida Mae  21 Mar 1992Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I13815
13 Thompson, Roy C. Jr.  26 Dec 1987Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I13822
14 Watts, Charles W.  30 May 1989Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  I13308


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Snouffer / Durbin  20 Feb 1904Altoona, Blair Cnty, PA  F4058