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Adams Cnty, PA



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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Beamer, George William  6 Apr 1914Adams Cnty, PA I10209
2 Breighner, Parr Atlee  10 Aug 1932Adams Cnty, PA I9176
3 Byers, Hazel Margaret  14 Apr 1908Adams Cnty, PA  I9628
4 Byers, Jacob Krise Jr.  27 Feb 1918Adams Cnty, PA  I9629
5 Day, Francis A.  21 Mar 1920Adams Cnty, PA I12598
6 Day, Frederick A.  23 Oct 1940Adams Cnty, PA I12599
7 Day, Roger H.  25 Apr 1946Adams Cnty, PA I12601
8 Dehoff, Dagon A.  7 Feb 1920Adams Cnty, PA I12460
9 Harner, Ruth A.  7 May 1914Adams Cnty, PA  I12396
10 Hess, Ward E.  3 Aug 1934Adams Cnty, PA I9635
11 Hoff, Anna Jane  25 Jul 1893Adams Cnty, PA I9485
12 Lookenbill, Clair Willis  4 Jan 1901Adams Cnty, PA  I7230
13 Masonheimer, Peter  7 Aug 1783Adams Cnty, PA I2898
14 Matthias, Anna R.  15 Sep 1920Adams Cnty, PA  I12154
15 Matthias, Charles O.  2 Feb 1917Adams Cnty, PA I5949
16 Matthias, Edith L.  1920Adams Cnty, PA I5969
17 Matthias, Evelyn M.  1924Adams Cnty, PA I5970
18 Matthias, Glenn C.  Jun 1927Adams Cnty, PA I5972
19 Matthias, Sarah E.  Aug 1926Adams Cnty, PA I5971
20 Matthias, Shirley E.  Nov 1929Adams Cnty, PA I5973
21 McDannell, James Martin  9 Jan 1911Adams Cnty, PA I12581
22 Monn, Anna Marie  15 Sep 1913Adams Cnty, PA I9166
23 Morelock, Clara Elizabeth  12 Nov 1866Adams Cnty, PA  I8114
24 Morelock, Mary (Martha) Jane  9 Jan 1864Adams Cnty, PA I8113
25 Mortiz, Clara H.  1 Apr 1897Adams Cnty, PA I9621
26 Myers, Allen Joseph  1 Apr 1919Adams Cnty, PA  I12425
27 Myers, Claude A.  31 Mar 1888Adams Cnty, PA I14530
28 Myers, Preston Lee  18 Oct 1909Adams Cnty, PA  I12391
29 Rhodes, J. Lewis  1867Adams Cnty, PA I3594
30 Sachs, Maggie Catherine  25 Sep 1872Adams Cnty, PA I10147
31 Schue, Lester Phillips  9 Jun 1919Adams Cnty, PA I12618
32 Schue, Lester Phillips Jr.  12 Feb 1944Adams Cnty, PA I12620
33 Sell, Dorothy Alverta  3 May 1901Adams Cnty, PA I9125
34 Sell, Emory David  6 Aug 1876Adams Cnty, PA I9108
35 Sell, John Noah  25 Aug 1906Adams Cnty, PA I9127

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 Arter, Lydia  25 Feb 1936Adams Cnty, PA  I8762
2 Bortner, Lester L.  30 Oct 1993Adams Cnty, PA I12622
3 Byers, Charles Henry  19 Jan 1957Adams Cnty, PA I7173
4 Byers, Mary ("Mamie") C.  Jan 1914Adams Cnty, PA  I7175
5 Dutterer, Emily L.  14 Nov 1998Adams Cnty, PA  I12340
6 Flickinger, Cora Ann  1965Adams Cnty, PA  I12053
7 Fuhrman, Roy G.  21 Dec 1978Adams Cnty, PA I12470
8 Heltibridle, Lee Garland  Nov 1981Adams Cnty, PA I5985
9 Heltibridle, Leon D.  6 Oct 1997Adams Cnty, PA I5993
10 Keefer, Lizzie C.  14 May 1962Adams Cnty, PA I9087
11 Matthias, Edward Harrison  1 May 1949Adams Cnty, PA  I5937
12 Myers, Allen Joseph  15 Mar 1987Adams Cnty, PA I12425
13 Myers, Celena Agnes  30 Aug 1932Adams Cnty, PA I5403
14 Myers, Laura V.  27 Dec 1938Adams Cnty, PA  I5412
15 Myers, Nevin W.  12 Sep 1991Adams Cnty, PA I12390
16 Myers, Oliver Norman  Aug 1975Adams Cnty, PA  I5505
17 Schue, Lester Phillips  14 Nov 1988Adams Cnty, PA I12618
18 Schue, Lester Phillips Jr.  19 Jun 2000Adams Cnty, PA I12620
19 Sell, Dorothy Alverta  7 Aug 1962Adams Cnty, PA I9125
20 Sell, Noah  12 Sep 1906Adams Cnty, PA I9170
21 Sell, Pauline Caroline  6 Jan 1974Adams Cnty, PA I9126
22 Shanebrook, Howard Jacob  14 Sep 1924Adams Cnty, PA I10150
23 Stambaugh, Bessie M.  24 May 1960Adams Cnty, PA I7174
24 Unknown, Ellen  1881Adams Cnty, PA  I14529


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 Byers / Patterson  15 Apr 1890Adams Cnty, PA  F1286
2 Lemmon / Zepp  25 Nov 1938Adams Cnty, PA  F4418
3 Lookenbill / Byers  1899Adams Cnty, PA F2500
4 Lookenbill / Livingston  1937Adams Cnty, PA F2522
5 Rhodes / Byers  Adams Cnty, PA F1288
6 Seabrook / Arnolt  12 Jan 1819Adams Cnty, PA F1001