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8226 The spelling "Sondra" appears on her husband's tombstone. Parks, Sandra [Sondra] (I9703)
8227 The spelling of Elizabeth's last name has been varied -- e.g., Raneberger, Ranenberg, Ranenbarger, Rananbargar, and Ranneberger. I have adopted the last spelling because it was used in Grove's HISTORY OF CARROLLTON MANOR (1928), and in J.M.Holdcraft's NAMES IN STONE (1966), who presumably took the spelling from the tombstone.

The wedding license issued 9 Apr 1822 spells the name "Raneberger." See Dorothy H. Smith, Frederick County [MD] Marriage Licenses, 1778-1839, p. 197 (1979); Margaret E. Myers, MARRIAGE LICENSES OF FREDERICK COUNTY, 1811-1840, pp. 196, 227 (1987). However, the church record of the wedding on 11 Apr 1822 spells the name "Ranenberg." Frederick, MD, Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, 1756-1885, p. 1331 (LDS Film 1205005; see also Film 0020488).

On 26 July 1850, Elizabeth's mother Sarah's will provided a number of bequests to grandchildren, whose names were spelled "Ranenbarger," although the scriviner spelled Sarah's name both "Rananbargar" and "Ranebarger" in the will itself. Frederick Cnty MD Wills, TS 1, p. 61. (See Sarah's Notes.) Finally, Wm. J. Grove, HISTORY OF CARROLLTON MANOR, pp. 121-123 (1928), spelled the name "Ranneberger," stating, at p. 121, for example, "Mr. Ranneberger had six [sic] children, Stephen, Eleven [sic - Levin ?], Philip and Elizabeth who married George Snouffer, two of his sons and one daughter went west."
The 1850 Maryland census reported that Elizabeth Snouffer was a 51-yr old woman living with children William H. and Sarah E. Snouffer, and two boarders, each of whom is listed as a "labourer" who probably helped with the farm work. The census also suggests that she lived next to her step-son John B. Snouffer. 1850 U.S. Census, Buckeystown twsp, Frederick Cnty, MD (M 432, Roll 293, stamped p. 223). 
Ranneberger, Elizabeth Ellen (I280)
8228 The spelling of Levina's name as "Levina Seymour" comes from her gravestone in the Walnut Grove Cemetery, Worthington, Ohio.

The 1870 Ohio census lists "Louisa" as a 23-yr old woman, born in Ohio, "Keeping House" and living with her husband "Snoffer, John" and 2 month old baby daughter "Georgiana." The census also lists the two as living adjacent to her husband's parents John and Julia "Snoffer." 1870 U.S. Census, Perry twsp, Franklin Cnty, OH (M 593, Roll 1200, stamped p. 679).

The 1880 census shows that the family has grown: John "Snaffer" is listed as a 34 yr old farmer, living with his wife "Lavina", 33, and 5 daughters: Glendora, 10; Augusta, 8; Ella, 6; Daisy, 4; and Louisa, 1. 1880 U.S. Census, Perry twsp, Franklin Cnty, OH (T 9, Roll 1015, stamped p. 171).

The 1900 census shows her husband John "Snoffer," a 54 year old farmer, born in June, 1846, living with "Lavina," 53, born in March, 1847, and daughter Louise, 21, born in November 1878. 1900 U.S. Census, Sharon Twsp, Franklin Cnty, OH (T 623, Roll 1270, stamped p. 258A).

The obituary for Levina's husband John H, in The Worthington [OH] News (14 Dec 1939), states: "Mrs. Snouffer passed away in 1909. They were the parents of five daughters, only one of whom survives, Mrs. [Elsie] Wilson...." 
Seymour, Levina S. (I1123)
8229 The spelling of Mary's middle name is problematic. James Wood spells her name "Mary Catherine" and gives a birth date of 4 Dec 1828 [sic]. (THE SNUFFERS, p. 81) But her marriage license used the spelling "Mary Catharine." M.E.Myers, MARRIAGE LICENSES OF FREDERICK COUNTY [MD], 1841-1865, pp. 203, 218 (1988), as did the Seabrooks article mentioned below.

The 1850 census listed Mary, 22 [sic], living with her parents Jacob, 66, and Elizabeth, 61, and her brothers Joseph, 33, and William, 19. It further stated that Mary was born in "Pa." 1850 U.S. Census, Emmitsburg, Frederick Cnty, MD (M 432, Roll 292, stamped p. 167); M.F. Hitselberger & J.P. Dern, BRIDGE IN TIME, THE COMPLETE 1850 CENSUS OF FREDERICK COUNTY, MARYLAND, p. 167 (Monocacy Book Co., Redwood City, CA: 1978).

Mary Catherine was married to Jesse Albert Seabrook "in Emmitsburg by Frederick County license 13 February 1857, and [they] migrated to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, by 1880; she d. 27 October 1883 and he by 1900. [They had 8 children.]" Richard S. Wheeler, "Seabrooks of Maryland and Pennsylvania," vol. 34, Maryland Genealogical Soc'y Bull., p. 148 (1993).

The 1870 census lists her husband Jesse as a 40 yr old man, born in PA, operating a restaurant, and living with Mary, 31 (born in MD), and 4 children all born in Maryland: Francis, 13; Mary 8; Jesse, 6; and Edward, 3. 1870 U.S. Census, Emmitsburg Corp, Frederick Cnty, MD (M 593, Roll 586, stamped p. 288).

The 1880 census lists "Jessie A" as a 49-yr old grocer, living with his wife Mary C, 42 (born in MD), son Nelson, 23, a clerk; daughter "May", 18, "at school"; son Jessie, 16, a farmer; sons Edward P, 13, Moses, 9, and Angelo, 8; and daughter Euphemia, 6; all "at school." All of the family, adults and children, were born in Maryland. 1880 U.S. Census, 1st Ward, Cedar Rapids, Linn Cnty, IA (T 9, Roll 351, stamped p. 73).

Mary's gravestone in the Mt. Calvary Cemetery, Cedar Rapids, IA, gives her birth date as 4 Dec 1838. 
Snouffer, Mary Catherine (I31)
8230 The spelling of Sarah's husband's last name has been varied -- Raneberger, Ranenberg, Ranenbarger, Renenbarger, Rananbargar, and Ranneberger. I have adopted the last spelling, which was used in Grove's HISTORY OF CARROLLTON MANOR(1928), and in J.M.Holdcraft's NAMES IN STONE, p. 916 (1966), as he presumably took the spelling from the tombstones.

The wedding license of her daughter Elizabeth, issued 9 Apr 1822, spells the name "Raneberger." M.E. Myers, MARRIAGE LICENSES OF FREDERICK COUNTY, 1811-1840, pp. 196, 227 (1987). However, the church record of Elizabeth's wedding on 11 Apr 1822 spells the name "Ranenberg." Frederick, MD, Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, 1756-1885, p.1331 (LDS Film 1205005).

In her will dated 25 May 1849, probated 26 July 1850, Sarah provided a number of bequests to grandchildren whose names were spelled "Ranenbarger," although the scriviner spelled Sarah's name both "Rananbargar" and "Ranebarger" in the will itself. (Frederick Cnty MD Wills, HS 3:364) Her brother Archibald Thomas wrote his will 7 Feb 1825, and spelled her name "Sarah Renenbarger." (Frederick Cnty MD Wills HS 3:364) Finally, Wm. J. Grove, HISTORY OF CARROLLTON MANOR, pp. 121-123 (1928), spelled the name "Ranneberger" when he wrote that "Philip Ranneberger married Captain Otho Thomas's sister about 1790. [sic]"

G.L. Thomas, ENGLISH THOMAS FAMILY, p. 34 (1956), mistakenly lists Sarah's birthday as 12 Feb 1775, perhaps a typographical error. 
Thomas, Sarah E. (I755)
8231 The spelling of the last name has been varied -- Raneberger, Ranenberg, Ranenbarger, Rananbargar, Ranneberger, Renneberger and Rineberger. I have adopted the spelling Ranneberger used in Grove's «i»HISTORY OF CARROLLTON MANOR «/i»(1928) and in J.M.Holdcraft's «i»NAMES IN STONE«/i», p. 916 (1966).

The wedding license for their daughter Elizabeth, issued 9 Apr 1822, spells the name "Raneberger." M.E. Myers, «i»MARRIAGE LICENSES OF FREDERICK COUNTY, 1811-1840«/i», pp. 196, 227 (1987). However, the church record of that wedding on 11 Apr 1822 spells the name "Ranenberg." Frederick, MD, Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, 1756-1885, p.1331 (LDS Film 1205005). Other spellings may be found in his wife's will and his brother-in-law's will (see her Notes).

Finally, what I presume is the wedding license between Philip and Sarah, which was issued 13 Jun 1796, states his name as "Henry Rineberger." See, M.E. Myers, «i»MARRIAGE LICENSES OF FREDERICK COUNTY, 1778-1810«/i», pp. 126, 152 (2d ed 1994).

As for his first name, Grove (see below) has it as "Philip." The wedding license (see above) has it as "Henry."

Wm. J. Grove, «i»HISTORY OF CARROLLTON MANOR«/i», p. 121 (1928), states:
«tab»"Philip Ranneberger married Captain Otho Thomas's sister about 1790 [sic]. *** Mr. Ranneberger was recognized as one of the greatest social sports on the Manor, he had a large tract of land and a great many slaves. *** [H]e did not confine himself to horse racing and card playing, but was the leader in chicken and bull fighting. They had a race course, bull ring and cock pit, all near Licksville. *** Mr. Ranneberger had six [sic] children, Stephen, Eleven [sic - Levin ?], Philip and Elizabeth who married George Snouffer, two of his sons and one daughter went west." («i»Accord«/i», Wm. J. Grove, «i»HISTORY OF CARROLLTON MANOR«/i», pp. 71-72 (1922 ed).

G.L. Thomas, «i»ENGLISH THOMAS FAMILY«/i», p. 3 (1956), provides:
«tab»"If you will check...[p. 34] in this book you will find the marriage of Phillip [sic] Ranneberger and Sarah Thomas, a granddaughter of Mark Thomas who was the first of our family to settle in Frederick County, settling near Point of Rocks. The Philip Ranneberger's [sic] had a race course on Heater's Island in the Potomac River, and when they would have the[ir] horse racing parties Charles Carroll of Carrollton Manor, the signer of the Declaration of Independence, and a lover of horses and racing, would visit with the Rannebergers for as much as a week at a time."

Unfortunately, when one checks p. 34, one sees that, for Philip's birth and death dates, Thomas mistakenly has entered the dates for his son Philip who is listed, «i»ibid«/i», p. 35. Likewise, Thomas has the wedding year wrongly listed as 1790. Finally, Thomas has this Philip buried in the Thomas Family Burying Ground at Point of Rocks, but Holdcraft does not. 
Ranneberger, Philip (Henry) (I2407)
8232 The SS Death Index lists "Vicki Snouffer" (SSN 268-46-0046, issued in Ohio) as b. 7 Oct 1947, and d. Feb 1979 in Columbus, OH. Borror, Vicki Lee (I2051)
8233 The SS Death Index provides that "Chas. Snouffer" (SSN 468-03-1488; issued in Minnesota) was born 20 Apr 1900 and died Dec 1986.

Obituary, Press-Gazette, Green Bay, WI (15 Dec 1986):
"Charles W. Snouffer, 86, 710 Royal Blvd., died Saturday evening [13 Dec] in a local hospital. He was born April 20, 1900 in Cedar Rapids, Iowa to the late Joshua and Anna Snouffer. In 1918 he enlisted in the U.S. Navy. He moved to St. Paul, Minn. in 1920.
"He married Claire Ihrig on Oct. 30, 1926. They lived in Fargo, N.D., and Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minn.
"Mr. Snouffer was transferred to Green Bay in 1948 as branch administrative service manager of Westinghouse Electric Supply Co. He retired in 1965 after 32 years of service.
"Survivors include one daughter, Ms. Kathryn (Kathy) Schafer, Green Bay; four sons, Richard and Gerald, both of Green Bay; Raymond and James, both of St. Paul, Minn.; 15 grandchildren; four great-grandchildren.
"He was preceded in death by his parents; his wife, Claire; one son; one sister; two brothers.
"*** Memorial service will be held on Thursday, Dec. 18 at 3:30 p.m. at Pilgrim Lutheran Church....*** "
Snouffer, Charles Warren (I17)
8234 The SSDI lists a "Gerald L. Zeigler" (SSN 214-42-0819; issued in Maryland) who was born 28 Jun 1946 and died 7 Aug 2006; no residence is specified.

Obituary, The York [PA] Daily Record (Aug 2006):
"9 Aug 2006: Gerald L. "Lanny" Zeigler, 60, Paradise Township, died at 11:30 a.m. Monday, August 7, 2006, at his residence.
"He was the husband of Kandy L. (Sell) Zeigler. Mr. and Mrs. Zeigler would have observed their 40th wedding anniversary October 15, 2006.
"Born June 28, 1946, in Waynesboro, he was a son of Constance (Morlander) Zeigler of Hagerstown, MD, and the late Russell Zeigler.
"Lanny was a 1964 graduate of North Hagerstown High School. He retired June 30, 2006, as a communication technician from Verizon with 38 years of service to the company. He was a U.S. Navy veteran of the Vietnam War.
"Mr. Zeigler was a member of Grace Fellowship Church where he served on the Elder Board and various committees. He was also a member of Hanover Amateur Radio Club and York County Emergency Management Club. Lanny was a former 4-H leader.
"In addition to his wife and mother, he is survived by son Michael and his wife, Kathy Zeigler of York; daughter LeeAnn and her husband, Don O'Shell of York; three grandchildren, Madilyn Zeigler, Spencer Zeigler, and Kali Menendez; and sister Diane Snowberger of Hagerstown, MD.
"Funeral Friday at Grace Fellowship Church, York.... Burial in Susquehanna Memorial Gardens with graveside military rites by York County Veterans Honor Guard." (Courtesy of 
Zeigler, Gerald Lansing (I9178)
8235 The state census for 1895 list Frank Crooks, 50, living with his wife Mary, 48, and 3 children: "Charley," 20; Ralph L, 10; and Dora Shipman, 9. Frank and Charley were farmers. The parents and Dora were born in Ohio; the two boys in Iowa. The census does not state the relationship between the parents and any of the children. Dora probably was a daughter of one of Frank's maternal Shipman siblings. The census does not list her as a Crooks. 1895 Iowa State Census, Jackson Twsp, Benton Cnty, IA (Roll: IA1885_289; stamped p. 499; Family # 16). Crooks, Frank (I10594)
8236 The State of Illinois Cemetery mentioned here was the "State of Illinois Hospital Cemetery." It held the bodies of some patients from the Galesburg Research Hospital for the mentally impaired. See:; and Malone, Ellen Rae (I4337)
8237 The Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997, online database at, records that Dewey W. James, III and Deborah Lee Byers were the parents of Troy Von James who was born 27 Feb 1968 in Harris Cnty, TX. Byers, Deborah Lee (I10346)
8238 The Texas Birth Index, 1903-1997, online database at, records that Dewey W. James, III and Deborah Lee Byers were the parents of Troy Von James who was born 27 Feb 1968 in Harris Cnty, TX. James, Troy Von (I12815)
8239 The third child of John & Christina was "Jacob Snouffer, born about 1782. He married Elizabeth Arthur, a Catholic, 16 Dec. 1786 - 20 Aug. 1862. Jacob died 10 April 1852 and is buried in the Lutheran cemetery at Emmitsburg, Frederick County. His wife is interred in the Catholic cemetery nearby." (THE SNUFFERS, p. 80)

Jacob's wife Elizabeth Arthur was his first cousin -- her mother Barbara Rinehart was a sister of Christina Rinehart, Jacob's mother.

On 25 May 1806, while still single, "Jac. Shnaufer" was a sponsor at the baptism of a daughter of "Friedr. and Cathr. Hoppe" at the Jerusalem Evangelical Lutheran Church. Vol. 9, MARYLAND GERMAN CHURCH RECORDS, p. 88 (C.T. Zahn & F.S. Weiser, eds; 1993). Catharine Snouffer Hoppe was his sister.

Jacob's father's will, signed 5 Dec 1809 and probated 12 Mar 1810, among other things, bequeathed property to his children, including "my sons Jacob Snouffer, George Snouffer [and daughters] ... to have share and share alike both of my real and personal estate [with exceptions]." Frederick County Will Book RB #1, p. 82.

The 1820 census (recorded on 6 Nov 1820) lists "Jacob Snouffer" and his family by age: 2 males under 10 [John and Joseph David ?], 1 at 10-16 [William ?], and 1 at 26-45 [Jacob ?]; 1 female under 10 [Lydia Ann ?], 1 at 16-26 [??] and 1 at 26-45 [Elizabeth Arter]. The family also had one male slave, aged 14-26. 1820 U.S. Census, Emmitsburg, Frederick Cnty, MD (M 33, Roll 43, stamped p. 159).

The 1850 census lists Jacob Snouffer as 66 yrs old, living with his wife Elizabeth, 61. Also in the household were their children: Joseph, 33; Mary, 22; and William, 19. The census states that Jacob was a "Laborer" and that his real estate was worth "900." 1850 U.S. Census, Emmitsburg, Frederick Cnty, MD (M 432, Roll 292, stamped p. 167); M.F. Hitselberger & J.P. Dern, BRIDGE IN TIME, THE COMPLETE 1850 CENSUS OF FREDERICK COUNTY, MARYLAND, p. 167 (Monocacy Book Co., Redwood City, CA: 1978).

In J.A.Helman, HISTORY OF EMMITSBURG, MARYLAND, p. 63 (1906), Jacob is listed as a member of the Emmitsburg fire company in 1840. Helman states, ibid at 61: "The corporation required every man to become a member of the fire company; all were enrolled one Saturday ... during the summer. The engine was brought out; the street pump was the place of meeting; the clerk would mount the engine and call the names of the fire company, each man answering to his name. If any were absent there was a fine imposed. The engine was inspected and tried by pumping water from the well, then returned to the engine house. This meeting was at 2 o'clock; all was over in an hour."

There is an ambiguous note in Helman's HISTORY, ibid, pp. 36-37, about a log house in Emmitsburg occupied by a Snouffer, probably Jacob. In writing about St. Joseph's Catholic Church, he says: "The lot upon which the church is built was given by James and Joseph Hughs. Prior to 1850, the church lot was not so extensive as at present [1906].... The Hughs family lived in a house on the east corner.... A log house, still earlier, stood on the north corner, occupied by Snouffer [sic]. It was torn down and this parcel added to church property." 
Schnauffer / Snouffer, Jacob (I29)
8240 The title "Captain" probably came from the fact that for a short while J.J. was an Iowa steamboat captain. According to Wm.J. Petersen, IOWA -- THE RIVERS OF HER VALLEYS, pp. 133-134 (1941): "[S]teamboating on the Cedar [River] was destined not to stop at Cedar Rapids. The voyages of the Black Hawk to Waterloo form a unique chapter in the story of steamboating on the interior waterways of Iowa. Built at Cedar Rapids in 1858, this historic craft was originally named the Export. She was constructed by T. G. Isherwood from lumber cut in what is now Bever Park, Cedar Rapids. The Export made a trial trip on September 30, 1858, in command of J. J. Snouffer. On the following day she left for Waterloo with sixty tons of freight. Upon her arrival the captain gave a free excursion. The Export continued in the trade until ice began to form in mid-November. During the ensuing winter the Export was entirely remodeled and [re]named the Black Hawk."
Snouffer, Capt. Joshua Jacob (I32)
8241 The tombstone for his first wife reads: "E. Marguerite | Woehnker | 1903 - 1965" Woehnker, Marion C. (I11179)
8242 The tombstone of her husband, Harry C. Williams, gives her name and date of birth. The photo of her tombstone, taken in April 2010, implies that she was then still alive. Unknown, Goldie R. (I9421)
8243 The tombstone of her parents states: "Parents of Martha and James". Russell, Martha (I13692)
8244 The tombstone of his parents states: "Parents of Martha and James". Russell, James (I13693)
8245 The U.S. Navy's Combat Connected Naval Casualties World War II (1946), (U.S. Dep't of Navy, Casualty Section, Office of Public Information), records:
"Snuffer, Benjamin Enos, Aviation Radioman 2c, USN. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Bryan Oscar Snuffer, Box 2, Bay City [OR]." 
Snuffer, Benjamin Enos (I15015)
8246 The U.S. Social Security Applications and Claims Index, 1936-2007, shows that Elizabeth was born and died according to the data in the SSDI. It also indicates that her names were: Elizabeth Teachout (Aug 1946); Elizabeth Susan Preston (Dec 1951); Elizabeth Susan Rugger (Dec 1953); Elizabeth Susan Eck (Feb 1956; 7 Dec 2004).
Teachout, Elizabeth Susan (I15183)
8247 The Veterans Affairs Death File shows that he was born 3 Mar 1907, died 19 Apr 1981; his SSN was 493-07-1416; and he served in the Army from 1 Dec 1943 to 2 Dec 1945. Dougherty, Lenox Barrere (I14998)
8248 The Walnut Grove Cemetery comment is: "15 month old baby." «u» «/u» (accessed 22 Mar 2000) Snouffer, Gareth Stephen (I1318)
8249 The Walnut Grove Cemetery records provide:

«b»Loudermilk, Carolyn S.«/b»
«b»Death Date:«/b» 11/7/1942
«b»Burial Date:«/b» 11/10/1942
«b»Lot Owner: «/b»Loudermilk, Robert O. & Ihlarose
«b»Burial Location:«/b» Lot 25, Section C, Space #1 north W. center

«u»«/u» (accessed Feb 2008). 
Loudermilk, Carolyn S. (I6883)
8250 The Walnut Grove Cemetery records provide:
Moon, John
Age: 56
Date of Birth: 5-21-1920
Death Date: 4/1/1977
Burial Date: 5/28/1977
Lot Owner: Moon, Clara V.
Burial Location: Lot 26 1/4, Section C, Space #1 south W end...
Veteran: Yes
Obituary/Comment: Veteran World War II (accessed Feb 2008). 
Moon, John Robert (I6855)
8251 The Walnut Grove Cemetery records provide:
«b»Loudermilk, Robert O.«/b»
«b»Age:«/b» 62
«b»Death Date:«/b» 12/4/1977
«b»Burial Date:«/b» 12/9/1977
«b»Lot Owner: «/b»Loudermilk, Robert O. & Ihlarose
«b»Burial Location:«/b» Lot 25, Section C, Space #2 north
«b»Funeral Home:«/b» Schoedinger Linden (Cleveland Ave.) Columubs, Ohio
«b»Obituary/Comment:«/b» Robert Loudermilk, age 62, Sunday, Ft. Myers, Fla., formerly of Columbus and Newark.

Founder of Loudermilk Refrigeration Co. Member of Central Assembly of God Ft. Myers, Fla.; Vice Commander Flotilla No. 94, Coast Guard Auxiliary, Past Master Linden Lodge No. 637 F&AM and Linden Chapter 236 RAM, Aladdin Shrine and Past President of Linden Shrine Club, Scottish Rite, Linden Chapter No. 463 OES.

Survived by wife, Ihla; sons and daughters-in-law, Jack and Ronda Loudermilk, James and Rosemarie Loudermilk; daughters and sons-in-law Bobbie and Russell Gorsuch, Jennifer and Robert Panton; 11 grandchildren; brothers, Tag (Kathryn) Centerburg, Marvin (Maxine), Marysville, Charles (Nita) Amanda, Gerald (Patricia), Grove City, Richard (Myra) Columbus; sisters, Catherine (Frank) Kelling, Centerburg, Kitty (Don) Bradley, Howard, Jo (Don) Davis, Grove City, Dolly (Frank) Oyer, Grove City; mother-in-law, Martha Stanley.***
«u»«/u» (accessed Feb 2008). 
Loudermilk, Robert Otis (I6882)
8252 The Walnut Grove cemetery records provides that Paul R. Caruthers was born 5 Mar 1890, died 1 Nov 1966, and was buried 4 Nov 1966, in Lot 223, Sec. C, Space #3, West. The records further state that he was a WW I veteran from Ohio and served as a 1st Lt. with the 26th Infantry, 1 Div. «i»See«/i» «u»«/u».

The Social Security Death Index provides that Paul Caruthers (SSN 577-20-3356; issued in Washington, D.C.) was born 5 Mar 1890 and died in Nov 1966 while living in Columbus, OH. 
Caruthers, Paul Redick (I8033)
8253 The Walnut Grove Cemetery Records recite that Howard's burial plot was owned by John. H. Snouffer, his father-in-law. Ault, Howard Wallace (I1127)
8254 The Walnut Grove Cemetery records recite:
"Survived by husband Stephen; daughters Janice (James) West, Saddlebrook, Ariz., Donna (David) Chamberlin, San Diego, Calif.; son Harlan (Diane) Snouffer, Worthington, Oh.; 7 grandchildren, 1 great-granddaughter." (accessed Mar 2000). 
Sells, Emma Frances (I1312)
8255 The Walnut Grove Cemetery records reflect:
"Russell Dean Coyan, age 61, of Columbus, Monday April 11, 1994 at Park Medical Center. Former owner of R&R Cement Contractors. Veteran of the Korean Conflict, US Air Force. Survived by wife, Bea; step-children, LeRoy (Sue) and Michael (Carol) Schreiber, Carolyn (Steve) Dew, all of Columbus; brothers, Paul, James, Robert and Ron; sisters, Mary Mussick, Martha Cavey, Esther Drake and Joyce Oliver; 9 step-grandchildren and many other family members. Member of Moose Lodge #11, American Legion Post #888 and the Omar Athletic Club. *** Burial Walnut Grove Cemetery. In lieu of flowers, contributions may be made to the American Heart Association or the American Cancer Society in his memory." (accessed Feb 2008). 
Coyan, Russell ("Russ") Dean (I3890)
8256 The Washington Death Index states that Guy B Kerr died 27 Jul 1950 and that he was 60 years old (i.e., born about 1890).  Kerr, Guy Bruce (I11851)
8257 The Washington State Death Records provide that Ollie May Kerr, b. abt 1865, died 17 Sep 1942 in Spokane, Spokane Cnty, WA, at the age of 77. They further state that her father was John B. Bruce, and her mother, Mary D. Summers. Bruce, Ollie [Olive ?] May (I11848)
8258 The website for Sweezey Lake, Norvell, MI, is named Life's Easy on Sweezey and may be found at . There one may read "The Rememberances of Dr. Richard Snouffer":
"I was pleased to find the Sweezey Lake Web site. My paternal grandparents used to own a cottage on Sweezey, and I was blessed to have spent time up there when I was a child, and during my early adolescence. Their names were Elmer and Dorothy (Peg) Snouffer. I'm not sure when they bought the place, but they had it since before I could remember, at least since the late 1960's.
"It was very nice to hear that Sweezey is still pretty much unspoiled. It is good to know that one's memories have not been blotted out by the inexorable march of the machines! (That some mistakenly call "progress.") I was especially pleased to learn that no one had begun replacing its beautiful little cottages with giant "Mac-Mansions" or slapped a big marina on this unspoiled little lake, either of which would ruin its intimate character as well as its peace and beauty.
"I always loved "The Lake" as our family affectionately referred to it, in much the same spirit that folks from around Mount Rainier, Washington, call it "The Mountain." I have always liked pontoon boats because of Sweezey Lake. Spending time at The Lake was always joyfully anticipated.
"Even the ride up from Toledo was special. The quiet two-lane highways; the rolling country fields; crossing the River Raisin and the inevitable puns its name always inspired; the ice cream stand perched above the river, where we occasionally ate ice cream while looking straight down on the river; the "tree tunnel" where branches overhanging the narrow road met, creating a cathedral-like atmosphere for one segment of the trip. All of these things combined to let us know that something special was coming.
"Our family came together up at The Lake. My father's family was not naturally a very harmonious one. However, at The Lake, adult brothers who had not otherwise spoken in years, laughed easily, fished and picnicked together. Much of the tension and bickering usually present in other family gatherings was missing at The Lake.
"Of course, it was not perfect. I remember one time when I was about 8, fishing with a cousin down by the dam. We had walked there from the cottage. I hooked a pretty good fish and was fighting it in. When my much-older cousin saw how big it was, he took his fishing pole and began hitting the water where my line met it until I lost the fish. He thought that was funny as heck, but it was the biggest fish I'd ever fought. Took a little while to get over being mad about that!
"My last memory of Sweezey was in 1980, when I was 12. My father had passed away the previous January. That summer we spent more time up at The Lake than ever before. It was a bittersweet memory, but Sweezey's pure beauty was such that the summer of 1980 will always be counted among my blessings. Appropriately so, it did aid the beginning of the healing process.
"Sadly, for reasons of sorrow at losing their son, combined with age and the desire for warmer winters, my grandparents had to sell their cottage soon after that bittersweet summer, and it remains my last memory of your wonderful lake.
"I can still smell the wonderful, special smell of the interior of that cottage, a mixture of often closed-up house and fireplace wood smoke, combined with traces from my grandfather's homemade sausage and pancakes of breakfasts past. It's hard to believe that it's been almost 30 years.
"If only they could have waited a few more years to sell it until I was grown up. I'd have given up much to be able to keep and maintain the family cottage. I hope to someday share the treasure of "The Lake" with my wife and children somehow, and introduce another generation of Snouffers, even if only briefly, to its special charms.
"You have a tremendous blessing in that wonderful lake. I pray that all involved will continue to recognize that, appreciate it and do whatever it takes to protect and maintain the special beauty, intimate character and peace of that place, and of the woods around it.
"Richard Snouffer, MD
"(Currently residing) Alabama, USA"

Dr. Snouffer's biographical sketch, appended to the article [apparently written in 2009], provides:
"Richard Snouffer, MD, is married to his wife Lori who is a former elementary school teacher and is currently a full-time mother and homemaker. They have 3 daughters, Emily 5, Elizabeth 2, and Catherine 1 years old, respectively.
"Dr. Snouffer graduated from Tiffin Calvert High School and Heidelberg College in Tiffin, Ohio. He graduated medical school from University of Cincinnati, College of Medicine in 1994. He served 5 years as a physician in the US Army as an Emergency medical physician and as the Brigade Surgeon for 3rd Brigade/3rd Infantry Division. He was honorably discharged in 1999.
He worked as an Emergency Room physician in various ER's throughout Georgia for 12 years and is currently boarded in Urgent Care Medicine. He has worked in Oxford Alabama in an Urgent Care/Family Medicine Clinic for the last 3.5 years.
"Interests include: Spending time with family, fishing, hunting, photography, golf, tennis, reading, swimming, etc."

Snouffer, Dr. Richard Carlton Jr. (I6724)
8259 The West Virginia Births and Christenings index notes that Walter was born 16 Mar 1903 in Leet, Lincoln Cnty, WV; that his father was John Eliot Frye and his mother was Nancy Emaline Toney.  Frye, Walter Daniel (I10387)
8260 The Wheatland Cemetery records also include church records, including notes associated with the William S. Harvey family, Lot 44, that state, among other things:
"Annie C. Campbell Harvey -- Mrs. Robert C. Harvey (on church marriage list as wedding Feb. 27, 1901 Annie C. Campbell to Robert C. Harvey- with residence as Oswego and witness as Mary McLaren, listed as member in 1904....

According to Wheatland Cemetery records, Robert is buried in Lot 6. 
Harvey, Robert C. (I10083)

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