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7911 The memorial tombstone of his parents reads: "Alexander Campbell | Died May 9, 1896 Aged 69 Yrs | A Native of Islay, Argyleshire [sic], Scotland | Mary Montgomery | His Wife | Died Aug 1, 1921, Aged 86 Yrs | Their Son Alexander | Died Nov. 10, 1953, Aged 94 Yrs." Campbell, Alexander ("Sandy") (I7142)
7912 The Michigan Death Index, 1867-1995, records that Fred died in 1956. (LDS Film 1954711) Laurie, Fred (I11021)
7913 The Minnesota Death Index states that his death date was 23 Oct 1932, but the Death Certificate Index of the Minnesota Historial Society states that it was 28 Oct, citing certificate # 1932-MN-021481.  Snouffer, Lee S. (I6853)
7914 The Myers family in 1870 consisted of John, 55, retired and living in Westminster with his wife "Susan," 51, and 3 children: Margaret A., 21; Milton, 11; and Laura, 6. 1870 U.S. Census, Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD (M 593, Roll 582, stamped p. 499).

In 1880, John, 65, and "Susannah", 59, were still in Westminster, living with two children, Milton, 21, and Laura B., 16. 1880 U.S. Census, 7th Dist, Westminster, Carroll Cnty, MD ( T 9, Roll 506, stamped p. 476).

The 1900 census lists Laura, 36, married for 13 years to her husband "E. Charles" Mathias, also 36, and living with their six children: Edward H., 11; Franklin L, 9; Oliver M, 7; Herman G, 6; Robert M, 4; and Ruth N, 2. 1900 U.S. Census, Myers Dist, Carroll Cnty, MD (T 623, Roll 620, stamped p. 61).

The 1910 census shows Charles and Laura, both 47, and married 22 years, living with 5 children: Franklin l, 19; Oliver M, 17; Robert M, 14; Ruth N, 11; and Edna V, 9. 1910 U.S. Census, 3d Dist, Carroll Cnty, MD (T 624, Roll 562, stamped p. 53).

Laura is buried in St. Mary's Lutheran/Reformed Cemetery, Silver Run, Carroll Cnty, MD, in Sec. H, row 3, grave 5l. See vol. 5, part 1, CARROLL COUNTY CEMETERIES, p. 27 (Carroll County Genealogical Soc'y; 1999).
Myers, Laura Belle (I5742)
7915 The name "Anna Randall" is taken from her daughter Fannie's death certificate. (See Fannie's data for further information.) The name "Jane" comes from the 1910 Ohio census.

The 1910 Ohio census reflects that Jane Billingsley was then living with her daughter Fannie and son-in-law, Ira W. Snouffer, that she was 86 years old and was born in Maryland. «i»1910 U.S. Census,«/i» Perry Twsp, Franklin Cnty, OH; T624, Roll 1183, p. 198B. 
Randall, Anna ("Jane") (I2335)
7916 The name "Wrecta May Collins" was typed in as his "Mother's Full Maiden Name" on the Social Security Application filed by her son Lawrence William Snouffer on 3 Dec 1936. He listed his father as Henry Harwood Snouffer.

The 1906 Kenton Cnty, KY, Marriage Index has her named spelled as "Wretza" Collins. Although she was only 16 at the time, she gave her age as 21, and Henry gave his (accurately) as 27. The marriage occurred in Covington, KY, although both of them gave their residence as Elmwood, OH. See «i»Kentucky Marriage Records, 1852-1914«/i», accessed via «u»«/u» (May 2009).

According to her Ohio Death Certificate 3912 (filed 18 Jan 1922), "Richtu May" Snouffer died in Toledo, OH, on 17 Jan 1922. Cause of death was "influenza." According to that document she was a housewife, married to Henry Snouffer, she had been born in Worthington, OH, and was 31 years, 10 months, 14 days old at the time of death (ie, born 3 Mar 1890). 
Collins, Wrecta May (I7227)
7917 The name Dorcas (or Tabitha) is Biblical. See Acts of the Apostles 9:36-41. She was a woman of benevolence, generosity and charity; or as Acts 9:36 has it: "this woman was full of good works and almsdeeds which she did." She is honored in the United States on Jan. 27 with a Saint's Day by both the Episcopal Church and the Evangelical Lutheran Church. The name has Greek origins (in Aramaic it is "Tabitha") and means "gazelle." (A gazelle runs in leaps and bounds; Dorcas "abounded" in charitable deeds.)

The spelling of this Dorcas Thomas' name has been tortured - Dorcus, Darkiss, Darkey, Darky, among perhaps others. I have adopted the more common spelling, which also was used by Jim Wood in his book THE SNUFFERS, p. 81 (1989). Other spellings occur as follows:

Both Wm.J. Grove, HISTORY OF CARROLLTON MANOR, p. 174 (1928), and G.L. Thomas, ENGLISH THOMAS GENEALOGY, pp. 34, 91 (1956), have her name as "Dorcus." Her name appears as "Darkiss" on her tombstone, a fact noted also in J.M. Holdcraft, NAMES IN STONE, p. 1070 (1966).

On 1 April 1815 George Schnauffer/Snouffer obtained a Frederick County license to marry "Darkey" Thomas. See Dorothy H. Smith, Frederick County [MD] Marriage Licenses, 1778-1839, p. 197 (1979); Margaret E. Myers, Marriage Licenses of Frederick County [MD], 1811-1840, p. 228, 242 (1987). They married the next day, 2 April 1815. Frederick, MD, Evangelical Lutheran Church Records, 1756-1885, p. 1322 (LDS Film 1205005; see also Film 0020488). (The church records spell her name "Darky.")

The Baltimore Patriot and Evening Advertiser, in its 12 Apr 1815 issue, reported the wedding as follows: "Snouffer, George, and Miss D. Thomas, all of Fred. Co., were wed 2nd inst. by Rev. D. F. Schaeffer." See R. Barnes, MARRIAGES AND DEATHS FROM BALTIMORE NEWSPAPERS, 1796-1816, p. 300 (Genealogical Pub. Co. 1978).

The 1820 census lists "George Snoufer" and his family: 2 boys under 10 [Benjamin and John] and 1 male 26-45 [George], and one female 16-26 [Dorcas]. Dorcas actually was 30, so was listed in the wrong column; the census also overlooked baby Archibald. George and family are listed immediately before his brother John and his family. 1820 U.S. Census, 1st District, Frederick Cnty, MD (M 33, Roll 43, stamped p. 82). [ Some indexers read the written name as "Snowfer," but I read it as "Snoufer."]

Dorcas was buried in the Thomas Family Cemetery, 1.5 miles East of Point of Rocks, MD. Her tombstone reads: "In Memory of | DARKISS SNOUFFER | Wife of George Snouffer | And daughter of Benjamin | Thomas. | who was born on the 1st day | of may 1790 and departed | this life on the 19th of march | .... aged 31 years 10 months | ...." (The bottom line is coverd by earth.)
Thomas, Dorcas (I127)
7918 The name of Jacob's first wife is not known. (See THE SNUFFERS, p. 72) Unknown, (I406)
7919 The Neckargroningen Parish Records [LDS Film # 1056785, p. 94] records: "23 Feb 1669 Married Albrecht Stadelmayer son of Hanss Stadelmayer & Anna Maria Muller dau of Jorg Muller in Neckargroningen..." Family F66
7920 The New Market, Highland County, OH website has ner name as "Ester Eliszbeth Templin" (sic).

According to the 1900 census, Esther's husband Samuel S. Kerr, 54, born in Mar 1846 in Ohio, a farmer, was living in Kansas with Esther E, 54, born in Nov 1845 in Ohio, and 8 of their children, all born in Kansas: Lewis A, 27, b. May 1873; Carey C, 22, b. Jun 1877; Ray S, 22, b. Apr 1878; Mary F, 20, b. Jan 1880; Grace B, 18, b. Nov 1881; Carl N, 16, b. Oct 1883; Ethel E, 14, b. Mar 1886; and Ralph E, 11, b. Sep 1888. The census reported that the couple was married when they were 28 years old, and Esther was the mother of 9 living children (so 1 child was no longer living in the household). 1900 U.S. Census, Americus Twsp, Lyon Cnty, KS (T 623, Roll 487, stamped p. 35B).

The 1910 census shows Samuel S, 64, living with his wife Esther E, 64, and children Carl N, 26; Grace B, 27; Ralph E, 21; and Ethel E, 23. Samuel was still working as a farmer, as were Carl and Ralph. Grace was an "instrumental" music teacher. Ethel was a teacher in "Public Inst." 1910 U.S. Census, Americus Twsp, Lyon Cnty, KS (T 624, Roll 445, stamped p. 41). 
Templin, Esther Elizabeth (I6794)
7921 The newspaper story regarding her father's death in 1929 states, in part:
"*** Word has been received here that William Roy West, former Fairbury man, was instantly killed when struck by a Rock Island train at Leeds [Kansas City], Mo., early Wednesday morning [5 Jun 1929].... A daughter, Mrs. B. E. Minton, formerly Juanita West, who was married this week had just reached her new home at Elreno, Okl., when word of her fathers' [sic] death was received. She left immediately to return to Fairbury." 
West, Juanita (I15144)
7922 The North Carolina "General Index to Births, Transylvania County" records that "Croushorn, Mary Louise" was born 26 Dec 1913, and that her father was "Croushorn, W.W." Croushorn, Marie Louise (I4881)
7923 The North Carolina Marriage Records indicate that Evelyn Marie Snouffer's name, at the time of her marriage to David Lynch in 1955, was Evelyn Marie Angles. (Guilford Cnty Marriage Cert 45084 [27 Jun 1955].)  Angle, John Rupert (I13322)
7924 The obituary of his daughter Louise "Ginny" Cavanaugh (Dec 2010) states, in part, that her father was "Commander Owen W. Huff USN, decorated WWII veteran who served as 46th Commanding Officer of the USS Constitution from 1945 to 1947 before retiring to California."  Huff, Owen William (I1133)
7925 The Ohio Death Certificate for her son Lee A.(# 40942; filed 9 Jul 1928), records that he was born 16 Nov 1898 and died 9 Jul 1928. It also records that his mother's maiden name was "Abbie L. Arter" and his father was "M. N. Humphrey." See Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953, Arter, Abigail Lorena (I14543)
7926 The Ohio Death Certificate for his son Lee A.(# 40942; filed 9 Jul 1928), records that he was born 16 Nov 1898 and died 9 Jul 1928. It also records that Lee's mother's maiden name was "Abbie L. Arter" and his father was "M. W. Humphrey." See Ohio Deaths, 1908-1953, Humphrey, Michael W. (I14559)
7927 The Ohio Death Index provides that "Vicki L Snouffer (SSN 268-46-0046) was born in 1948 [sic] in Ohio, and died 7 Feb 1979 at Riverside Meth. Hospital in Columbus, OH. Borror, Vicki Lee (I2051)
7928 The Ohio Death Index provides that George J. Darakis ((SSN 276-12-6340) died 26 Dec 1979 in Springfield, Clark Cnty, OH. It notes that he was born in Ohio in 1918. See: Darakis, George John (I14415)
7929 The Ohio Death Index states that Earl was divorced and had served in the U.S. Army. Schreiber, Earl Albert (I6857)
7930 The Ohio Death Index summarizes her death certificate, vol. 34670, # 03001, and records that Linda L. Williams (SSN 278-46-0742) was born 14 Mar 1947 in Ohio and died 17 Jan 2005 while living in Pickaway Cnty, OH. Her father's surname was Walls; her mother's was Bush. It also states that she had been divorced.  Wall, Linda Lou (I13041)
7931 The Ohio Death Index summarizes his death certificate, # 076876, and reports that "Curtis D Walls," (SSN 268-66-7662) was born 1 Nov 1949 in Ohio, he was unmarried, and he died 3 Oct 2007.  Walls, Curtis Dale (I13043)
7932 The Ohio Divorce Index provides that "Veva J." and "William D. Waterfield" were divorced 8 Oct 1980 after 18 years of marriage (i.e., married in 1962). It also states that she was born in 1944; he, in 1941.

Five years later, William remarried. His second wife was "Marsha Weaver." They married 1 Jun 1985 in Erie Cnty, OH; he was 43, she, 41. The Ohio Marriage Index provides that each had been married once before.

The Social Security Death Index records that William Donald Waterfield (SSN 301-34-8901; issed by Ohio) was born 13 Sep 1941 and died 14 May 2009 while residing in Sandusky, Erie Cnty, OH.

Obituary, Sandusky [OH] Register, p. 5 (16 May 2009):
"William Donald "Bill" Waterfield, 67, of Sandusky, passed away early Thursday Morning, May 14, 2009, in Stein Hospice Care Center, Sandusky, after a battle with cancer that he faced with the same determination and passion that served him well throughout his life.
"Bill was born Sept. 13, 1941, to Donald and Marie (Spencer) Waterfield in Sandusky. He attended Sandusky High School and was a member of the Class of 1959. Bill, a leader in his work and community, was a man of many interests and talents, with a natural instinct for leadership. His constant drive and boundless energy were a hallmark of both his career and his community activities.
"Bill began his career as a Deputy Sheriff for Erie County and earned an Associate's Degree in Police Science from Northwestern University, Chicago. He served as a law enforcement officer with the Sandusky Police Department for more than 12 years and was a member of the Fraternal Order of Police. Bill next turned his communication skills and charisma into a successful sales career with A-1 Rental, Cook's Food Service and, finally, Spoerr Precast Concrete Inc., where Bill retired from his duties as sales manager in 2008.
"Bill devoted much of his spare time to serving his community. He was scout master for Troop 20 based at the Soldiers and Sailors Home in Sandusky and was a member of the Order of the Arrow. Bill's interest in workplace safety inspired him to join, and later chair, the Sandusky Area Safety Council. Bill honored his father's military service as a proud member of Sons of the American Legion Post 83.
"In his later years, Bill reaffirmed his faith by joining St. Paul Lutheran Church in Sandusky. He answered the Lord's call by dutifully serving on the congregational council and held the office of church council president. Bill also chaired the stewardship and finance committee and served on the Bishop's Advisory Council. Bill worked extensively with the ministries of St. Paul, becoming the first lay minister of worship and a member of the worship and music committee. He visited shut-ins and the ill, led worship services and taught Bible classes. Bill was also a past member of the Sandusky Area Lutheran Missions and was a student in the Synod Authorized Ministry program.
"Bill is survived by the love of his life, his [second] wife, Marsha (Cheek) [Weaver] Waterfield; sons, William Jay Waterfield of Bowling Green and Douglas (Kimberly) Waterfield of Indianapolis; stepdaughter, Rhonda Weaver of Bellevue; stepson, Jason Weaver of Sandusky; grandsons, Andrew and Nicholas Waterfield; granddaughter, Alexis Krupp; brother, Dan Waterfield of Toledo; sister, Jan Baron of Sandusky; and nieces and nephews.
" *** [F]uneral services [will be Monday, 18 May] at 10:30 a.m. in St. Paul Lutheran Church...Sandusky...."; also, Rutherd B. Hayes Presidential Center,

Waterfield, William Donald (I8501)
7933 The Ohio Divorce Index provides that, in Erie Cnty, OH, on 15 Aug 1962, after 20 years of marriage, Martha R. Wilson, born 1920 [sic], was divorced from John T. Wilson, born 1919 [sic].

The Ohio Death Index records that John T. Wilson (SSN 283-16-2822), born in Ohio in 1918 [sic], divorced, and a resident of Sandusky, OH, died 18 Jan 1983 in Sandusky.

The Social Security Index provides that John Wilson (SSN 283-16-2822; issued by Ohio) was born 4 Aug 1917 and died in Jan 1983 while a resident of Erie Cnty, OH.

Obituary, Sandusky [OH] Register, p. 6 (19 Jan 1983):
"Dr. John T. Wilson, 65, 195 Shoreway Drive W., Sandusky, died Tuesday evening in Providence-Memorial Center, Sandusky, after a lengthy illness.
"He was born in Summerfield, Ohio.
"He was a 1932 graduate of Ohio State Dental School, Columbus.
"He had been a dentist for 40 years, serving the Sandusky area for 24 years. He retired in 1972.
"He served as a captain in the U.S. Army during World War II, and also had been a horseman with the U.S. Cavalry, riding with them the last time they assembled.
"He was a member of the American Dental Association, Amvets, Okoboji Indians (special trap and skeet club), and was a life-member of the National Rifle Association, and he helped found the Erie County Conservation League.
"Surviving are a daughter, Veva Wilson, Sandusky; three sons, John T. Wilson Jr., Sandusky, William F. Wilson, Huron, and Jay P. Wilson, Dayton Beach, Fla.; three grandsons; two sisters, Mrs. Don (Geneva) Archers, Circleville, Ohio, and Mrs. Joseph (Vivian) Thornhill, Sylvania; two brothers, Franklin Wilson, Indio, Calif., and Ward Wilson, Caldwell, Ohio.
"He was preceded in death by his first wife, the former Martha Snoeuffer [sic]; his parents and a sister...." Accessed via Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center,

Funeral Notice, Sandusky [OH] Register, p. 8 (20 Jan 1983):
"Services for Dr. John T. Wilson, 65 ... who died Tuesday will be 10 a.m. Friday....
"Graveside services will be conducted at 3 p.m. Friday at Eastern Cemetery, Summerfield, Ohio....
"Memorial contributions, if desired, may be made to the American Cancer Society." Accessed via Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center, 
Wilson, Dr. John Theodore (I8497)
7934 The online database "California Birth Index, 1905-1995,", records that Ron was born 10 Oct 1960 in San Diego, CA.  Wolfe, Roland Richard ("Ronnie") Jr (I7565)
7935 The Oregon Death Index for Edward lists "Claire" as his wife when he died in 1967. Unknown, Claire (I8414)
7936 The Oregon Death Index provides, simply: "Wetmore, Jared [sic] D. Clackamas 12-17-14 [Cert No.] 3220" Wetmore, Jarred D. M.D. (I14728)
7937 The Oregon State Archives contains two delayed birth certificates for Emery Albert Brandt, with a birth date of 19 May 1898, one issued from Washington Cnty, the other from Tillamook Cnty. See OR Sec. of State, Oregon State Archives, Oregon Historical Records Index, (accessed Jan 2008). Brandt, Emery Albert (I4716)
7938 The Oregon State Archives contains two delayed birth certificates for Jennie Lora Glick Brandt, with a birth date of 28 Aug 1900, both issued from Tillamook Cnty. See OR Sec. of State, Oregon State Archives, Oregon Historical Records Index, (accessed Jan. 2008). Glick, Jennie Lora (I5230)
7939 The Oswego cemetery apparently has no marker or tombstone for Thomas.
Kerr, Thomas Pogue (I6785)
7940 The person who created her Findagrave Memorial 158758036 has informed me that the name "Elizabeth Mai" appears in the Arlington interment records, and also on the reverse side of Gordon's headstone. It may be that "Doris E." was her birth name, as she reported in the 1940 census, but that later in life she chose to go by "Elizabeth Mai." Coles, Doris Elizabeth Mai (I14495)
7941 The progenitor of the Arter family has not yet been established firmly. For years it was thought to be one Wilhelm Oerther; more recently it is thought to be Paulus Oerther/Arter.

According to Laurel S. Powell, "Arthur / Oerther Family," vol. 16, The Carrolltonian, pp. 26, 29-30 (Carroll County Genealogical Society, Westminster, MD; 1996-1997):
"Wilhelm Oerther was the Immigrant Ancestor to America in 1751 of the Michael Oerther Family of Maryland. The Oerthers were Swiss-Moravians who had migrated to Alsace-Lorraine, probably after the Thirty Years' War....
"There is [a] record of Wilhelm Oerther arriving in Philadelphia from Edinburg [sic] on September 16, 1751. At the time of Wilhelm's immigration, his son Michael was 18. *** Wilhelm Oerther's wife was Maria Barbara Oerterin (the feminine form of Oerther). Ther children were: Michael b. 1732 m. Mary Catherine Dillen, Daniel m. Barbara, George m. Susannah, John m. Susan, and Henry m. Magdalena. There probably were daughters, too, but of them as yet we have no record."

Ms. Powell does not cite any record of Wilhelm arriving in Philadelphia on 16 Sept 1751. Her footnote refers to a note by Dr. P. D. Skaar, which is contained in the booklet by Mary Jane (Free) Fisher and Richard P. Arter, The Arter/Arthur Family of Fountain Valley [MD] (X Press Print [Lisbon, OH] 1979) (LDS fiche # 6046636), at pp. 3-4. In that note Dr. Skaar speculates that "it is entirely possible that [Michael's and Daniel's] father was the original immigrant." He further commented that "A Wilhelm Oerther arrived in Baltimore September 25, 1749. Another Whilhelm Oerther arrived in Philadelphia from Edinburg [sic] on September 16, 1751." Ibid, p 3.

Ten years later, however, in the second edition of their family history, Fisher and Arter note that Skaar's speculations are not really supported by much evidence. They suggest that Paulus Arter (b. abt 1705) was probably the progenitor of the family. They say:
"The names of Michael's [and Daniel's] parents are not certain. However, many years ago descendants of Dr. Daniel Arter (Abraham branch) placed in the Salt Lake City records information pertaining to three generation of Swiss Arters.
"1. Heinrich Arter b. @ 1605 in Wiedhon, Zurich - married Ili Abgy
"2. Diethelm Arter b. @ 1656 in Zurich - married Barbara Schwaz
"3. Paulus Arter b. Wollishofen @ 1705 - married Anna Hausheer, also of Zurich b. 1710 d. 1752, d/o H. Hausheer.
"As [his brother] Michael was born in 1732 [and Daniel in 1742], Paulus could easily have been his father and the other men his grandfather and great-grandfather. The early Arters, in placing the information in Salt Lake City, gave no explanation and cited no sources. It can be reasonably assumed that they had sufficient reason for so doing."
See M. Jane (Free) Fisher & Richard P. Arter, The Arter-Arthur Family of Fountain Valley [MD](2d ed 1989)(published to CD-ROM by Richard P. Arter; 2003), ch. 00, p. 3. 
Arter / Oerther, Paulus (I6195)
7942 The record for her marriage to Johann Friederich on 9 Nov 1806 gives her name as Catharina Barbara "Kuckenbrod." See: "Germany, Marriages, 1558-1929" [LDS Film 1056669]; Ruckenbrod, Catharina Barbara (I11772)
7943 The record of Annie's marriage is extracted in May R. Lepschat & G.S. Balfour, Washington County Oregon Records, Marriage Records, vol. 2, 1881-1896, p. 82 (Genealogy Forum of Portland, 1972):
"H A Brandt, 20, & Miss Annie McQuilkin, both of Washington co, m 29 Nov 1894 at house of D McQuilken; Oliver K Brown, Rose [sic] Brown, Wits; J W Eldredge, Minister, p. 566."
(The witnesses to this wedding actually were Rosa Lee Brandt -- a sister of Henry's -- who was married to Oliver K. Brown.)

The 1900 census lists "Annis E" Brandt, 22, born in Feb. 1878 in Minnesota, living with her husband "Henry A," 26, and two children born in Oregon: Harold W., 4, b. Feb. 1896, and "Emery A," 2, b. 1878. The census further shows that her father was born in Scotland, her mother in New York. 1900 U.S. Census, E. Cedar Crk Pct, Washington Cnty, OR (T 623, R 1353, stamped p. 247).

In the early 1900s the family moved to Yakima County, Washington. The 1910 census lists "Annie" as 33 [sic] years old, born in Minnesota, and living with her husband, Henry Brandt, 35, two children born in Oregon: Harold, 14, and "Emmie," 12; and three children born in Washington: Gertrude, 5, Carl, 3, and Fred, 2. Henry's occupation is as a farm laborer. The census suggests that her father was born in Scotland and her mother in Pennsylvania. 1910 U.S. Census, Wapato Prct, Yakima Cnty, WA (T 624, Roll 1675, stamped p. 107). 
McQuilkin, Annis Elizabeth (I4714)
7944 The records spell her name as "Moffit." Family F194
7945 The records spell her name as "Moffitt." Family F102

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